How To Travel Vietnam On A Budget

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How To Travel Vietnam On A Budget

Those who have made it to the other side of Vietnam by now are aware it is possible to go to Vietnam on a budget. We will tell you how to travel Vietnam on a budget? More people are making it a goal to go to Vietnam and seeing how they do it.

If you would like to go to Vietnam on a budget, there are several places that you will need to be searching for, and in this guide, we’ll discuss where to go and how to save money on your trip.

One of the first places you will need to understand how to go to Vietnam on a budget is Hanoi.

Hanoi is famous for being among the most expensive cities globally, but it also has some of the best places to see in Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam

You can find some excellent shopping and food in Hanoi. Next up, you might wish to think about where you’re going on your journey. If you stay in Hanoi and see all the sights, you should take the subway and go to the North of town.

The North is famous for being the best place to see and the most expensive. You can get affordable taxis to the North in addition to some terrific places to eat and shop. The same is true for Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam and the capital of Vietnam.

You can get affordable transportation into town on the bus or the train and see all the places in town you can consider.

Best places to visit

Another beautiful place to go on a visit to Vietnam on a budget is Saigon’s large city. Saigon is a huge city that has everything. If you’re interested in a big city to visit on a budget, Saigon is the least expensive place to go on a trip to Vietnam.

One last great place to go on a visit to Vietnam on a budget would be Dac Luong.

This town is hugely near Hanoi and is well known for being the oldest city in Vietnam. The city has a little bit of everything. You may take the cheap trains which operate between Hanoi and Dac Luong.

Village in Vietnam
Village in Vietnam

There are many different places in Vietnam which you may see on a visit to Vietnam on a budget. The next time you’re on a trip and thinking about where to go, you can look online and discover where you can find the best prices.

Make sure you look for bargains from resorts and airfare to taxi fares so you can travel to Vietnam on a budget without worrying about paying so much money for what should be fundamental items.To conclude, there are many great places to go on a visit to Vietnam on a budget.

When planning your trip, you want to plan and learn where to go and where to stay. You will need to bear in mind which you could get by on a tiny budget in Vietnam as long as you’re ready for what to expect.

Some Information Regarding e-visa

If you would like to go to Vietnam please remember you will need an e-visa. At first check if you’re eliglible for the digital visa. If your country is on the list of those eligible countries, you should apply online.

To do this you need to go online and submit an application form. The processing time takes about 3 to 5 working days. The e-visa is valid for 30 days from the date, you name as you submission date.


In this 30 days, you can remain in Vietnam, but on the date, once the visa gets invalid you’ve got to leave the nation.

Please note, it is quite important, to have a valid passport; it also needs to be valid for six months following your entry date. So it is time to apply!

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